Milkshake Web Team

Brent Schneider, Managing founder

brentI have over a decade of experience in web design/development, project leadership, brand management, and developing online marketing strategies across the web, applied brand management across hundreds of sites, successfully solving online business challenges.

It’s important to me to balance life outside of the web with art, skiing, photography, traveling, wine collecting, and enjoying time with friends who also call the Pacific Northwest home…

Spokane, WA is a beautiful & creative place to call home, check out all the creative stuff we do on kickstarter.

Creative, Web Design, web development, brand management, project management, social networks, non-profits, cms, html5, css3, mobile design, teaching

( Open ) Internship, Web Developer

The ideal candidate will be both creative and technical. Possess the ability to meet deadlines while working on multiple projects. Show strong initiative and a tenacious willingness to learn.

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