Brent Schneider

UX Work:

Deep empathy for the user is the key to creating a meaningful user experience.

Future Ada

Future Ada is a non-profit startup, focusing on Securing space for women and non-binary individuals in the STEAM fields. I applied UX methods to develop, branding, an informed decision for site architecture and test multiple Calls to Action to drive users to donate.

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EWU Redesign Project

To build a better for students, employees and the entire EWU community.

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Hello Study Buddy

Part of a “Bitstarter” project that was the curriculum in Stanford University’s Startup Engineering MOOC. Observing the abandon rate between student interaction and classes quarter to quarter. Key Identifier: Deep linking between social media and Learning management systems across multiple channels

Dining Services App

The mobile prototype included feature requirements identified as menu options, locations and hours of operation.

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Brooklyn Deli & Lounge redesign

Redesigning the ultimate deli website highlighting Brooklyn’s relaxing atmosphere, delicious food, and unique location as part of the Montvale Block located in the heart of downtown Spokane.

Key work: Full-service site re-design included; re-capturing domain hosting, providing a new website platform, writing new content, and photography.

Font-end Development Work:

Code & Experiments

Bootstrap WordPress vanilla theme
Winery site design concept

UI elements using the Yahoo Pure framework:



CSS console layout describing how to install Jekyll
WordPress beta plugin on Github
Javascript browser settings detection:
Jquery grocery Array List & Appending new items


I ♥ designing data