EWU Dining Services Mobile APP

Technical Elements

Mobile App Stack: Ellucian mobile app framework
Web App Stack Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap web framework
Partnership: The App Dev team, Dining Services
Tools used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision, Atom
PrototypeInvisionapp.com Screens

The need:

University Dining Services mobile presence was a missing element from the student experience. With a noticeable increase of mobile traffic over five years, the idea was proposed to extend dining services locations within the EWU mobile app presence.


Initial ideation session identified likely needs the app should support. For example details such as hours, map, and menu items emerged.

Once the needs were identified, they were converted to cards, where I then interviewed half a dozen people to test the feature requirements.

After I felt we had a rough detail of what a minimum viable product (MVP) might look like I created an initial app wireframe.




Once the wireframes were completed, I converted them to a low fidelity prototype to go over the design and intended interactions with the developer.



Mobile App Screenshots:

After regrouping with the App Dev team for additional feedback, I worked with a developer to create high-fidelity assets for them to add to the rails project source.




Like the fate of many great R&D projects the full project was eventually shelved due to the fact at the eleventh hour the client requested an e-commerce component to allow for students to purchase food items online. Since IT didn’t have the proper infrastructure to support such a request, a Software as a Service product was identified and replaced the beta app.

All in all the experience was really fun, learning about incorporating design assets in ruby on rails model, view, control environment. The agile nature of the iterative design process was a good exercise working with other partners in fostering communication among three departments.