UX Project – Future Ada

The UX Process

Project Summary:

Future Ada is a non-profit startup, focusing on Securing space for women and non-binary individuals in the STEAM fields. I applied UX methods to develop, branding, an informed decision for site architecture and tested multiple Calls to Action to drive users to make a donation.

Identified tasks todo:

Developing user personas, I researched STEM and STEAM-related non-profit organizations and interviewed Future Ada’s President to identify the two perspective audiences to test.

From the card sorting feedback, I created the information identified user flows to meet the key objectives defined in the user personas.

I reviewed Future Ada’s google doc’s content to inform content design patterns for the rough wireframe. Next starting with a mobile responsive first approach, I translated the rough wireframe into a high-fidelity prototype.

Once the prototype was created I converted personas key objectives into task-based interview questions to test users using the prototype.

In depth write up on Medium.