Milkshake Interactive helps organizations address people's true needs through informed decisions to design great products.

An exceptional user experience means fewer frustrated users, more loyal customers, and productivity savings for your company.
I'm Brent, an interdisciplinary UX practitioner who's been creating experiences on the web for 20+ years. I've designed in marketing, startup, financial, federal organizations and run a successful freelance design business for over a decade.

Brent Schneider
Managing founder of Milkshake Interactive

User Experience Designers take everyday problems and apply research, concepts, design thinking, and our own talents to create memorable experiences, products, and services for people.
Good UX matters
An exceptional user experience means fewer frustrated users, more loyal customers, and productivity savings for your company.
It builds trust
Between you and your users, especially when it comes to issues like user onboarding and accessibility.

Is seamless
Across the customer journey, powered by user-centered design and robust backend integrations.
Increases customer utilization
Of your product, which frees you to spend more time serving them and less time fielding support calls.

Decreases onboarding time
For new users and provides delightful first interactions with your company.
Helps you compete
With confidence and grow.
Our approach is highly collaborative
If you want to improve your product's performance, but don't know where to start, we will advise you on how to discover users' needs and tackle usability problems.
Discover new business opportunities
We focus on the bigger picture of your business to help you discover unknown issues and untapped opportunities.
Save resources
We can help your business optimize time and resources spent on prioritizing product design and development efforts.
Design Systems
Scaling design is difficult when there are so many inconsistencies in your product. A design system doesn't start with choosing a color. Instead, ground a system in a strategy that discerns customer needs.
UX Audit
User retention requires a data-driven approach. By understanding your users' journey —step by step— we can recommend how to prevent drop-off stages, pain points, and bottlenecks.
Design Thinking Workshop
Invest in a workshop with one of our industry experts. The workshop is built to help your team think outside their daily tasks, brainstorm ideas, buisness goals, and prioritize action items.
Are you thinking what we're thinking?
We are ready to help with any challenges you have.